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fulfilling steps

I went for a walk,

So I could see what it is to feel the air,
The pure light which disappears,
By nothing but, breakdown.
I saw rocks lying,
Big enough to remember our bond
Settling there.
I saw our relationship, intense yet overwhelming,
In the eyes of that old couple walking around holding hands together.
I saw those burnt trees, having no worries,
But beliefs that they perished for good.

It was wonderful to see the sunrise,
Being a sight holder of the sunsets,
I never wanted to come back, till the time I realise,
It’s worth going back to the melody of life.
Few steps ahead I saw people doing yoga, it was gratifying.
As I came back from the walk, my heart remained there.

-Riya ShahI joined them later and it was a laughter session and yoga together afterwards.

By Ray


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