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Feminism (a woman thing)

He said “you sound like a feminist”,
I asked him – Is it a community of judgemental people, where you exist?
For a second he went crazy,
As if I said something offensive.
He again pointed at my statement,
That wasn’t even close to women.
Slowly he murmured “people like you have made women a big topic”.
I laughed at his childish mind,
And uttered being honest and kind,
Maybe I know-how to be a privilege,
Maybe I don’t speak about us women,
But I always give us some hype.
Together we stand, beautiful with the mind,
Feminism is what I don’t understand,
Sisterhood is one of my kind.
He was shocked as to how women can be so supportive of the other,
But boy, we have the same body, same hair, same emotional crises at times.
I don’t know what feminism is,
I won’t ever get it for sure.
Maybe it’s a social media thing,
But for me, it’s a circus where you find,
All irrelevant things about giving justice to women,
of all kind, a woman who is my type.

You should try it too, I uttered,
My wisdom words,
As we aren’t a tribe.
We are creatures, that want some rights.

Feminism isn’t a thing, it’s an emotion,
To upgrade women,
And to understand we don’t have any leverages, but liberties.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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