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I don’t say I’m Indian, just because  I’m born and brought up here,
it’s more about
– me preferring my mom’s sarees over any western outfit I ever bought.
Chole bhature over pizzas for sure.
Standing up in the middle of my important  work,
whenever I listen “Jana Gana Mana”
as for me, it’s a tribute for my army.
For love, I have for Bollywood songs
and the money I had spent on for nothing but entangled flowers called “Gajraas”.
Why don’t they sell them anymore?
Nothing could ever beat my gol gape.
And for me, it’s mandatory to say Jai Mata Di,
after every jor se bolo
even if that isn’t even relatable.
Goosebumps after hearing “Vande Mataram”,
and the love for my country draped in my heart like a saree, I never wanted to unwrap.
No, I ain’t  Indian by birth, but by choice.
-Riya Shah

By Ray


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