literature poetry writing


When you touched me for the first time, it wasn’t just a touch but my world getting upside down for a second. It was like feeling every consequence that may occur, pumping my heart like a melody of thunder. Shuddering yet fascinating. Your fingers weren’t soft but bruised. Having all the cuts and the imperceptible blood, like a warrior. And baby, you carried them beautifully. Showing nonentity but a smile to hide it all. You were as stronger as my mom told men are, but also intenser and wise enough I could share my whole existence, looking at your eyes which are hiding tears from the world like there is nothing but fear of facing the past, again. You are much more than what a human could carry, poised yet chivalrous. Like diamonds getting all cuts and grind, knowing it would lead to something glorious and stunning. When you touched me for the first time, I felt that love which would last forever. Like that habit, my dad used to tell never goes away. You are my way of intoxicating. Harmless yet delightful. You are magic that I never had, The magic I yearned all my life. You are like the moon having all the marks of the war he had with him, And the bird creeping every morning, Star I watch every nigh And all the magical things in the sky.-Riya Shah

By Ray


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