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My second love

When they talked about my first,
I was shivering with thirst.
Knowing it was beautiful and damaging,
Myself with my own efforts.
Telling me all the lies,

I never wanted my fairytale to begin with.
I was wondering,

if my fairytale has
All the witches and goblins.
I was a Potterhead in a barbie world,
Inconvenient Truth, yet ready to be loved.
One year of togetherness,
Yet vulnerable enough,
To share my whole life, with the darkest creature on earth.
He wasn’t kind, he wasn’t shy,
Made me realise my true worth.
He dumped me saying a few words,
I’ll recall his every betrayal.
Disheartened and unfavourable.

No worries, all tears,
I was living in my awful fear.
Anxiety and depression,
I was in a state of suspension,
What had I done so wrong?
Am I not good enough?

Year’s later, I have my compassionate,
Showing the path to my fate.
Telling me he is there,
Showing every bit of my fear.
I know you believe in first love- he said,
Knight in shining armour his white horse,
sitting with honour.
But what if the knight comes second? To show you what respect tastes like.
Maybe your first love is wicked,
But the second one will be kind.
He’ll show you, princess you aren’t hard to love,
And gorgeous even when you are extremely hurt.
He’ll make you believe in love again,
And make you believe in you,
Sharing all his ideological things,
He’ll finish your fairytale in Hogwarts.
And maybe make you his magical pal for life.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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