poetry writing


I have no other human,

As I’m insanely in love.
With the sky getting darker,
I’m admiring the night.
With the stars getting brighter,
And the moon is all white.
With insecurities and some scars,
My teenage self had a part.
I said I would glare the moonlight,
Till I’ll go blind.
As it has all the fortune,
Is one of a kind.

No other love story to preserve,
My sun gives all his love at night.
No beautiful ray, but all his eternal light.
I walk down the streets the moon follows,
Till the time Sun comes,
it doesn’t leave my soul, hollow.
Moon has his knight in shining armour,
And the sun has his beautiful charmer,
The day isn’t flawless,
The affection isn’t blind,
I’m adoring them,
As their love is one of a kind.

By Ray


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