poetry writing

Snickering injured

People I miss, people I crave,

Can I skip my wanting everybody mood for a day?

Who wants the admiration,

When we can have all the attention?

Why I want someone to catch me when I fall,

But what if I don’t get injured.

What if I learn to float?

With my legs and a boat.

Is it okay to not feel okay?

When I fall I feel like standing up again,

Through all the scrapes and the pain.

I want to stand with the blood odour

On my legs.

I like being in the zone of trauma,

It makes me realize there is more to life than being in a coma.

I know the pain is misery,

But it’s wonderful to fly freely.

The prison isn’t the dwelling,

We have a whole woodland, where we can sing.

We can hop like a monkey,

And hiss like a viper,

We could float in the red sky,

So why to be in the slammer?

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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