literature poetry writing


I’m mysterious and quiet,
You say words and make me cry.
Is it okay for you to flee,
Out of the window of my cottage tree.
Devoting my life was unreasonable,
But being with you is magical.
Like you are the vacant vessel,
I want to replenish, all of my love in it.

You are the shelter to dwell in,
My favourite weather monsoon.
You are my canopy I never want to leave,
As there is no other home to be.
You are that faith I have in my lord,
That never knows incredulity,
But trust, devotion and morality.

You are my human home,
A place where I could be naked,
From core without judgements.
Your arms are like those tree branches,
That never abandoned me,
And I that’s when I knew this was meant to be.

By Ray


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