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Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam

To those who don’t know the essence,
The world as one family.
No one is unusual, God has spoken fairly.
We are residing in the embodiment,
They say it’s divine,
But what if without him, everything will remain fine?
I say vasudhaiv kutumbakam,
We as a family is united.
We as creatures shouldn’t be fighting,
For what isn’t ethical, for what isn’t right.

He is observing us all, all our deeds are his to be upheld,
But despite this, destiny will serve us what for us is meant.

I don’t know if he’s there,
I don’t know if he’s not.
All I knew is wherever you are,
The world is my family and nobody should do wrong.

These words are divinely
It’s the compassion of God,
Nobody is different,
And diverse are their thoughts.

We as a family would say,
Vasudhaiv kutumbakam
We unitedly assert,
Vasudhaiv kutumbakam will be now addressed as a chant.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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