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Deity mom

I want to be her.

She who fed my hunger,
Of love and thunder.

Has everything I could wonder.
My mother is a living embodiment
She is a human body I call home.

A typically beautiful rose,
Having all the dignity and grace,
Smelling like all the tree and rain,
She is the one hiding all her pain.
She is my world, where I reside,
I wish I could see the demons she fights,
She like a warrior, bright.

Like is a magical mystery,
having all the fireflies in her eyes.
Fierce and divine.

Feeding every hungry soul she sees,
Her home like a temple everyone could come and be,
Whatever they crave from a mother,
She bestows everything she has, without a second thought.

I want to be like her,
She is my deity mother.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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