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Juvenility affection

And what I demanded was love,
All the longing that a kid had
When he hit teenage.
When he anticipates that all the Santa musing were lies,
When all the gifts he got on Christmas, weren’t given by a red elderly man,
who was all about happiness and joy?

I demanded love when my father told me,
There were no wings to my dreams,
Where I got to know,
I wasn’t about to live fearlessly.
Shaken yet awaken about all the red blood clots,
I thought would kill me, were the sign of life.

Purer than the purest form of living,
Is understanding I knew,
But everybody who came closer,
Would leave me and flew.

I wish I could be anymore,
Than these brown little stars on my nose,
Freckles are a distraction too.

But all I demanded was love,
Before all the beauty you see,
And all the sparkly I be,
I’m not plentiful, and darling that’s hurtful.
Thank all the abrasions I have got,
And all the mythical love,
That exists, I thought.
I wanted to be loved
and that would be sufficient.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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