literature poetry writing


Baby, I don’t need all those fixings,
As I’m flawed and I love it.
Natural phenomena lead to demolition,
I’ll be the masterpiece in action.
Is it okay to be the centre of attention,
When all you know is making more destruction.
And all I know, that I’m all flawed and gorgeous.
I’m fine without your musing,
You say you love me and it gets frustrating.
When you show your pretty little eyes,
Walking through the window with pretty little lies,
I feel your flawed inside,
and that’s more severe.
You held my back and I’m aching,
You came closer, I’m all ruined.
But baby you are shading,
Baby, you lying,
Onto to my door, every single night.
And say all the time,
that you aren’t perfect,
and you ain’t nice,
You are just making me dupe,
you ain’t calmer or wise.
Baby, you need all those fixing.
Baby, you are imperfectly flawed. -Riya Shah

By Ray


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