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Ravish inside

Mumma do you know he whacks me, brutally?

But you said he’ll be a good father.

Fathers aren’t supposed to touch between their daughter’s legs maa.

Trying to manifest the love,

she is supposed to feel for someone else.

He strives for my attention everytime,

I feel like a scrap, that you left for him in your home.

Mumma, can you please work from home?

I don’t want him in my life, he is hazardous for you too.

My dada never latch my mouth, saying this should persist only with us two.

He senses all those parts,

You told no one should reach.

He does everything without being guilty.

Can I call dad, will he go then?

No said her mother, lock and never let anyone know,

He is your new father, allow him to do whatever he wants to.

He gives us fortune , pays all our charges too,

Without a man, there is nothing we can pursue.

This society will blame us, for whatever we never did,

Who cares what happens within our boundaries.

That day a 15yr-old understood,

Committing suicide inside,

Is better than getting assaulted confidentially.

-Riya Shah

By Ray