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Unified by love

There is no blood in this relation,

We are unified by devotion.

Like my family, I’ve seen, they have nothing to do with me.

As I’m the plant they saw was developing.

But never watered for my expansion.

The red water flowing has nothing to do with the emotions,

That a human carries within them,

Till their existence.

Like all the love, and care they show is a lie,

With all the warmth is for their prosperity.

I’ve been to places I’ve met my family,

With so much affection,

I craved until my maturity.

Till the time I realize,

People I’ve never seen can get so closer to me.

Like my sun shining brighter,

Showing all the lights to my path,

Even when it gets darker.

I’ve seen people who are connected with blood,

Getting away from me too,

Like it’s just water, with a tint of blue.

Which shows how royal you are,

And unworthy of it too.

But there is no blood in that relation,

Where there merely devotion.

-Riya Shah

By Ray