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Fly away

Do you know it was so much needed,

To let go of the things that mattered to me the most.

Those little satisfying aspects of existence.

Touch which felt like all the fascinating things in the world,

Entitled to grimace.

All those nostalgia feelings of having felt something again and again,

But for the very first time, treasuring it.

Like the most realistic emotion,

And the most authentic one.

I wanted to allow them to move, all those butterflies,

As now they don’t give me contentment,

As now they sense like discomfort and suffering in my abdomen.

As now I admit there is no love,

That could be kind enough.

As self-suffering is tough.

To all those devotees in passion,

I wanna make you comprehend the lesson,

There is no love, which goes after getting apart,

There is no love, that can change the morality of your lovers part.

-Riya Shah

By Ray