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Penetrated and flee

Why didn’t you come back?

When asked you to relinquish,

You left, without even glancing at me.

As if you’ve been wanting to flee,

From a very long time.

Like the bird, I’ve kept in the canopy,

Of my heart, without asking.

I knew someday you’ll be vacant of me,

So I fed all that I have like we were one soul, one temperament,

So I loved you fearlessly.

Think you wouldn’t evacuate from me.

But things don’t go evenly,

Those sensations you gave me were heavenly.

As purer than that we felt for the first time,

When you held my hand, looked at my eyes,

And I realized that divinity love,

Is what you have for me.

And suddenly you left,

Like this was all meant to be.

-Riya Shah

By Ray