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I was listening to everything he said,

As it was mine to be heard, without blinking.

I preferred to be with him, from the very initial,

As we are leaves of the same tree.

Hands in hands, we were gazing the stars,

Those blinking things were so fascinating,

Like those mangoes in the park.

I knew he couldn’t let me fall,

As I am his to be held from the very first day.

So I jumped from the topmost floor,

Of my adventure to the fairy saga.

As those men knew, I was his sister,

So they didn’t think of screwing me,

As I was his only priority.

And then he left, leaving me alone,

My Superman didn’t come back to his human home.

I’m still jumping from the cliff,

Striving he’ll be there.

I’m still trying so hard,

To exist without my brother.

-Riya Shah

By Ray