You are that nostalgic feeling I wanted to feel,

Every second, every minute and every hour.

Your hugs as soothing as prior,

but senses like home.

The home that I could evacuate,

The home which is mine to dwell.

You are the feeling that doesn’t go but stay with us.

Like in rain the smell of mud.

The aroma that makes me shiver every moment,

You sitting next to me was more like a morning fantasy.

And at twilight,

all-stars gazed me when you are close,

As my moon has taken all my dusk off.

You are that falling star, I made an urge to,

Of breathing together eternity.

Some people don’t feel like others,

And it’s okay to feel the way you does.

They remain in your deepest secrets,

And your fictional world.

They aren’t the first person you met,

Nor the first one to clasp your hand.

They appear unpunctual and suddenly become your world.

I have a compassionate like the one I’ve spoken of above,

He is my favourite nostalgic feeling,

And my eternal love.

Riya Shah

By Ray