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Krishna leela

When I was young I was so much adored with the love story of Radhakrishna. So the people who don’t know about “Radhakrishna”. “ Krishna” is the God we admire and “Radha” is divinely elegance and his devotee. So growing up in Indian Hindu family, all you listen about a love story is that of Shiv Parvati, Radha Krishna and Ram Sita. These are the deity that we worship the most.

Coming up to my favourite love story. I was so curious about it that I started to inquire about it to my family members. I started it with my most favourite and the one who knows it all, my grandpa.

I asked him curiously, that whatever you know about “Radhakrishna” can you please tell it to me? Was Radha older than Krishna? How did they fell in love?

He looked at me modestly and asked “Does age matter when it comes to love? ”

He continued by saying –

Why do you hold your parent’s hands, while walking on the ground? Cause you know you’re safe there. When age doesn’t matter between you and your parents, so why to the person you actually feel a different emotion to?

I was stunned and I said, “How do you know you love someone?”.

When it’s the right time, you’ll know.

No sudden feelings, nothing. When you feel that things are ordinary yet beautiful that’s when you are in love, my girl. Krishna fell in love with what he saw wasn’t actual, or was just for some time. But he didn’t rewrite his love. Radhakrishna comes together even when he married another girl called “Rukmani”.

Grandpa if Krishna was in love, why did he marry “Rukmani”?

Love means giving up and loving harder. Rukmani was Krishna’s beautiful wife. Some say Radha didn’t marry Krishna, as she thought she was just a cowgirl, and Krishna deserved a princess. Some say Rukmani and Radha were the same girls.

Who was she to decide whether he deserved her or someone else?

She was the devotion of his life. When you love someone you think of giving them a better life. A life that doesn’t demand of togetherness but compassion.

Where did Rukmani even come from?so there was a Raja, he was blessed with five sons and one beautiful daughter ‘Rukmani’. Rukmani was the incarnation on “Goddess Laxmi” according to what I’ve read. So one day the witch “Putna” who was defeated by Lord Krishna himself came to feed Rukmani, as she used to kill little babies with her poisonous milk and later she took away Rukmani with her. Rukmani’s father thought she was dead. While she was taking away Rukmani with her “flying”, Rukmani started to gain weight, and at a point, Putna couldn’t carry her, and Rumani fell from her to a lotus. Brishaban saw Rukmani and adopted her and named her “Radha”.

So Krishna married Radha according to the second story “He smirked”.

Wow, that’s a beautiful story. So Krishna didn’t let her go.

No, not even for a second. Even when the girls of Vrindavan were so crazy about him, he didn’t let them change his feelings for Radha.

What if the second tale would be untrue?

See that part of the story which you feel should be right then.

Some people believe that Radha was just his belief. And I believe the same. He continued by saying “ don’t you think that love has no form?”

Yes, it does. All you need is to see.

Krishna doesn’t begin with him, Radha doesn’t come to an end without him, there is no devotion purer than this.

Radhe Krishna💙

-Riya Shah

By Ray