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Maybe you never tried sufficiently. Maybe you let me go from your city. With all the horn blows of the autos, and that rain, every now and tomorrow. You stayed when you saw me loving you unconditionally, but you knew the signal has three different lights.

Maybe we are mature than our daylight fights. As the yellow begun to shine, I’ll let you go when it’s greener in your place, like mine.

Every evening you’ll hear those chants, Like your favourite musings. You’ll learn how amazing devotion is, For a guy who’s always suffering. Maybe then you’ll worship God, You’ll believe wholly in the divine. I’ll be back to your locale, Maybe when its dawn.

I eventually have understood all the things you said to me was irony and I never wanted you to vacate my empty house, as it became my home with you. My home where I got satisfaction and belief that you being my different entity was a relief for me.

Fading with time, my sky turned red and dreary like my life. But then I felt a ray of the possibility that you’ll never leave me alone. That yellow light was like my faith in you.

And then the sundown transpired and I lived lonely with the sky all grey.

-Riya Shah

By Ray