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Women karma

In a locale, a group of people of a similar religion would take away girls of other religions and marry them afterwards. Those girls looked very beautiful and elegant. So to avoid the kidnapping of their daughters, their fathers used to chop off their nose.

My friend said, “It was for the sake of the girls so that they won’t get abducted”.

i was shocked as he actually had justification on behalf of them to give. He continued by saying girls need to be safeguarded, as they can’t protect themselves. So chopping their nose is for their own safety. She wouldn’t look good and those people won’t take her away to take the plunge with her.

The irony is, men who are the dominant gender according to them, couldn’t teach their daughter’s or wife’s to protect themselves for those sinners. To avoid the fights between two religions they could cut their women nose but couldn’t fight for them.

Women don’t need your protection

She is Durga, she is kali, she is Lakshmi herself.

Sati they said existed in some places where there was a belief that a woman should immolate along with his mortal husband even when she herself is alive. To prove whether she is pure or not.

For those who don’t know what Sati actually is – Sati was the wife of Shiva. His father never liked Shiva, so she fought against his father hatred and burned herself. At the time she was burning she prayed to become Shiv’s wife in her next life too. She then was incarnated in the form of “Parvati”.

But sati pratha is something different than this anecdote that I told you.

Sati pratha is based on the history of Hindu marriages. It was initially started in Rajasthan, where the widow would get slain by burning her with her husband’s body. This paratha (ritual) was followed because the community there believed that women who were burnt with their husband’s body would have good karma and a good new life in another birth.

But why women?

Does slaughtering somebody with their own companion would give them a good new life.No, it would decrease your good deeds I said. So that pratha(ritual)was wrong and was stopped and forbidden by the govt afterwards.

Every woman has to give “Agni pariksha ” to prove how pure they are. But why not every man? When it’s about the betrothal both man and woman walked beside the flames together. So why just woman have to struggle to prove how much you mean to us? Why always women have to give scrutiny in order to prove their pureness?

It isn’t as heartbreaking as the men thinking it was right at that time to be so extensively in love to lose yourself and prove if we are genuine enough to stay together with them.

-Riya Shah

By Ray