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To every Indian, we may live in different places having different belief and religion but our heart is united cause we have India existing here. We are such blessed people, as we breathe freely because of our brave combatants and freedom fighters.Poetry, when I dedicate to them, gives me goosebumps as I feel unfit while writing every word. You are God souvenirs, warriors fighting for our country love. There are many religions in India but together we are Indians. We breathe the same air, we live a liberal life. We have many cultures, we are flowers of the same garden having different tribes. When we say India that courage and pride are identical. We stand as a nation, where there is no bigger belief than Indian.

Sovereignty when given,
costed existences of the leader.
These birds flying in the sky,
are cherishing peace and love.
Our country sacrificed many warriors,
independence is their blessing for us.As Indian, we are a nation,
we don’t have any other religion.
We speak love with dignity,
our culture survived along with us.
Unified we are courageous,
we stand with kindness and fraternity.To the people who were brave and loved,
Our freedom fighters were the real heroes,
no matter wherever we go,
India lives within our blood.
to every proud Indian.

By Ray