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Before inception

A baby even before birth is a part of her “mother”. None can feel the love and affection like she does. Even the pain becomes confectionary.

When a woman is expectant she is vulnerable, yearning every movement of the baby to be felt by her. As her hearts beat a little faster, and suddenly those cramps become the best aspect in the world. Every organ of her body needs warmth and admiration.

That body she never wanted to change, become all swelled up and fat. Even after that, she sacrifices all her favourite quirks she wished to do. Her world becomes tinier, in her abdomen.

Those little hands and legs that are growing within her, in those nine months were like petals of the flowers she was safeguarding in her garden of life.

She eats more than what her body demands, as her baby will get hungry in her stomach. In those nine months, she waits for her child patiently and curiously. Every day gets bigger, unexpectedly massive.

All those terrible thoughts and the roller coaster of emotions take her sanity away. All she wonder is when will these days get over. After 9months of waiting, she gets her little pretty girl in her hand. Her hands holding her fingers tightly, like she never wished to go for any other human.

Those little feet walking on the floor demands her mother lap, every time. Like her, every organ belongs to the creator of her body.

Her mother.

When a daughter becomes a mother, it’s like experiencing everything her mother felt at the time she came to the world. It’s the feeling no men can have naturally.

By Ray