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So some Indians believe in casteism more than we believe in the ideology. People, therefore, are divided into four classes. So according to what I’ve read, our four categories of division is made by the four body parts of Bhrama(god).

The first category is known as Brahmins(who were mainly teachers and intellectuals who come from Bharma’s head). The came at the top of the hierarchy.

The second category were Kshatriyas. They were mainly warriors and rulers and were presumed to come from his arms.

The third category were Vaishyas. They were the merchants or traders who come from his thighs.

The fourth category is the Sudhras. They were supposed to come from his feet. They were mainly the working class who does all the menial jobs.

Now as it is cleared from the above information that this caste system or class were made as to characterize their occupation or job and not to define who can rule over who. Before a decade, men used to pursue their fathers choice of work or occupation. Like the son of a king would become a king. The son of a teacher would become a teacher himself. So this wasn’t about discrimination at that time. But later it became a part of the debate. The upper-class people were given many privileges.

Like who’s the upper class? This became a fuss back then and the untouchable thing came to India. This shit was given a hype at that time and now it has become the way of living.

Some of the lower caste people were actually given importance. BR Ambedkar, he was a Dalit and everybody knows what he did. He authorised our Indian constitution.

So according to us, wasn’t he untouchable? No, because he did something which was in our favour.Right?

After some time the other new thing came to India which was known as “Arakshan” or reservation. So I’m not against this, but as I’ve mentioned above that caste system wasn’t according to who was of the lower caste or the upper caste “We made it like that”.So that time the Sudhras needed Arakshan as the upper caste thought that they got privilege for being unjust for the lower caste. As they didn’t have enough money like the upper three castes. But later, after Arakshan came into existence. These people started earning a lot of money.

Now it wasn’t about the Caste system anymore. Because now the son of a farmer, won’t become a farmer himself. Or the son of the teacher won’t be a teacher. So according to that history Casteism came to an end.

Now the people who are getting jobs, because once upon a time people started misunderstanding a small concept and wanted to become the more privileged one. So the one who was dominated at that time is now getting paid for every ounce of it. I don’t discern this and I know nobody does. Now some of the Sudhras are richer than the Bhramins. Maybe it’s the karma.

But according to me now the caste system should come to an end and the people who are actually in a poor state should be given Reservation so that they could educate and live a normal life.

-Riya Shah

By Ray