Is it nice to be adamant about what you feel is right?Thoughts that keep me awake for the whole night, finding my opinions under my cloak. Am I reckoning too much, or is it okay to think about life?For a time I feel anxious, about things that are going around. Minor little things keep me in clouds all twilight. I nearly had touched the sky, with my eyes shut but my cloud isn’t white. It’s blurry.Like those dreams of mine, which I thought I could conquer without any hindrance. Overcoming every fear is next to impossible and sometimes I can’t recognize them too.I speak up for myself, as these words are birds with wings to fly. Even when the fog is still there. I speak before my words could get a different direction, causing assumption without any base. It would be a shoe without any laSo I make sure the things to be spilt at the same moment. Things which are left unsaid will remain that shush for life. Dreams, when talked about, get brighter than before.So I tell everybody what I aim for, and the things I crave the most. Even if it’s a cone ice cream or a chocolate bar. I am louder about my feelings and sentiments which sometimes have nothing to do with the one I’m telling to. As outspoken as that kid who fights for his lifeless toy, showing all the possession and temperament of the king.I love to be heard every second, even when I’m just murmuring some musing.Why is it so difficult for someone to be unheard when you know they won’t understand what you’ll recite. When your every word will be difficult for them to recognize and they’ll remain clueless for life.-Riya Shah

By Ray