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Earthly majesty

That shawl she wears everyday smells of the mud. That earthly vibe was enough to make me fall in love with her. Hairs falling right behind her ear tucked, I knew she was having loyalty in the blood. Those long hairs were platted as a family having awareness of each other. Then I saw her braid had a beautiful thing attached to it, which resembled me of an elegant pahadan(mountain girl) I saw in my dreams.

Mehndi on her legs, of the sun, was scrapped by her own fingers. Her elegance was undoubted of the moon. She was having the temperament of the queen getting all her work done.

Dhoti(Indian saree) wrapped around her waist was like a goddess who came to the earth for letting people know her. Those hazel eyes attracted to me the most, that honey-dipped colour can’t lack the desire for devotion.

Her Payal ( anklet) had some distinct shimmer, as like of the rain falling on the ground. Every step taken by her was influential and crucial. As she walked towards me, I felt as the earth was endowing her to me. I felt blessed as my aura retained her without even telling me.

She didn’t wear a crown on her head, I saw. But her wings were prestigious enough, having all the essence of bravery.

As I kept glancing at her, I lost myself.

Beauty is found near the mountains and deserts, where there is nothing to hide, where there prevails honesty.

-Riya Shah

By Ray