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Lucifer-the angelic demon

When God created the most gorgeous angel named Lucifer, he gave him all the perfection he had. He blessed him with all his elegance, sovereignty and knowledge. Lucifer was gods shadow. So precisely made, that his arrogance had no bound. He had direct access to God.

That pride of being so flawless made him believe that he should be in the place of God. As he was the only one spending the most time with the divine, he felt no one could replace God other than himself. Lucifer blindly believed he could dethrone God.

Lucifer meant “son of the morning”.The arrogance which touched the sky was simply because God made him like nobody but himself. He started to manipulate the other angels. Some angels who were inclined toward Lucifer started treating him like their superior. Some angels were still inclined towards God and after some time things changed.

Lucifer perfection was God’s souvenir. Yet he was so pretentious and aggressive. He forgot all the things he owns are a blessing of the divine himself. He sinned.

Arrogance leads to destruction, there is no other beauty than expecting the privilege and showing gratitude.

You can’t be like the creator, who created you.

Lucifer fell from heaven’s glory and was then named “Satan”.Satan means adversary which means enemy or opponent.

Lucifer after showing his arrogance and pride changed his place in the heart of Almighty. The creator of the universe. Even when he was the strongest, the most handsome angel on earth. But his ego tripped him which lead him to become king of the devils.

-Riya Shah

By Ray