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Inconvenient Truth

I think it’s better for you to flee,

As I’m not good for health.

And when you hold my hands

I’m not convinced if I could

Love you well.

Like the pink sky, loving all the ebony,

I know you won’t be fine with me.

You are the whitest soul,

I’ve been looking for.

My sinful heart couldn’t give you

What you deserve, in your vitality.

When I try to write, it vanishes my sentiments.

Inconvenient Truth, hurt me more,

Conceivably you are my perfect fable.

I being the undesirable lover,

Still, you’ve been holding onto me.

Tattooed about things I’ve done wrong,

As remembering my sins make me a demon.

Still, I’ve been crushing over an angel for so long.

Falling in love with everybody,

When I see him coming near me.

False is the love he didn’t give me.

I ain’t gonna be any less of a lover.

Resisting him from my mind,

But why is he on my mind.

Benefactor of my existence,

He’ll be my home,

where my demons will goof around.

Maybe kissing him make me more sinful than before,

Falling for him arose my nightmares,

Even when I found him in heaven of mine.

-Riya Shah