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Chasing missions

“You move on, things change, life goes on”.Are you one of those people who’ve been listening to these things lately or is your life going absolutely fine?

In my case, I’ve been hearing these phrases every day and trust me it’s exhausting. When you give your everything to a relation or work, or maybe something you always wanted to do and you don’t get any contentment you lose hope. You started to believe that you are good for nothing.

People here play a very crucial role and then some people make you feel more hopeless by giving you suggestions like move on, things change and life goes on.

But what if I don’t want things to get change? What if I want my normal life back? What if living like this is weakening my self-esteem?

I being a 20year old girl, have no other reason to live other than to fulfil my every dream, that I’ve dreamt waking up in the middle of the night with my open eyes. And after so much of hard work and patience, all I get is a nonentity.

Where will all my hustle go? I think about it more than an ordinary being, as I’m more breathing my ambitions than oxygen. For me milky way isn’t about the white, but fate. The flowers I’ve kept in my books are withered, maybe I’ll receive my fruit when I don’t need it anymore. When the taste of it will be more on the bitter side and I’ll throw it out of my balcony.

When the creative being in me will die, I think I’ll get my souvenir on that bizarre night. My birds won’t creep as they usually do, that night my greener self will have decent dusk. Where she’ll be sleeping without any fascinating fictions.

Look I still awaken, writing my own fiction.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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