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Is there anybody who’s willing to come home with me?

Where I breathe the calm,

With no distress.

Where there is a homely mist in every door.

Where I can kiss the sunset and sky from my window,

From where I don’t have to go, even when the rain calls me,

I want a home where I sense serenity.

Where a four-legged baby follows me,

In the kitchen, I can feed my cravings.

Standing in the balcony, I could see some blossoms,

Where I can smell the soil and mud.

Maybe the sun will grow from a different way,

And I’ll glow there every day.

I want a house which I can call home,

Where there is no anxiety about being alone.

Feathery curtains and blingy lights,

Maybe I’ll colour my walls all white.

There will be no barriers to come back to me,

I’ll build a home, which I see in my fantasy.

Birds will be creeping every dawn,

I wouldn’t need any alarm.

Is there anyone who’s willing to come back home?

Where you can feel my essence in every wall.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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