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Someone at the door

There was somebody outside my door,

He was pleading to come inside.

I couldn’t let him enter,

As his footprints weren’t visible at night.

I suddenly was dressed in a wedding gown,

All white like a diva, hairs that were wavy and brown.

He came closer to me, and I was anxious and freaked,

As I’ve never caught a glimpse of him before,

But his blue eyes were shining brightly through my window.

He took my name, as it was his to be uttered with love,

My shivering body couldn’t assess that compassion.

He asked me to open up the entrance,

As he has come to tie the knot with me, in Gods presence.

My tears were dripping out of my eyes,

My mind was still astonished,

All I could mumble was “Do I know this guy?”.

He cried there with me too,

In my house front opening.

Telling me he was waiting for me in the aisle,

So that we could take the plunge.

I was sobbing as I couldn’t recognise,

Anything about him, or his gloomy eyes.

Wanting my attention, wanting my existence in his life.

Letting out all the love he carried within

Begging me to memorize how he took me out at the nights,

Giving me a bucket of chocolates whenever we had a fight.

He told me how I cried when he was busy working,

How I wasn’t ever satisfied with our talks.

As they were just for a minute or two.

He made me recall everything that happened between us,

I didn’t think of anything that I could address.

He asked me to go back to my room,

As he’ll come back with some memories more.

It’s been 6years, and I’m all alone.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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