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Survival is beautiful

Have you ever glimpsed at a flower half-withered, but still in the garden with all the blossoms. Carrying all the burden of not being glorious and wonderful as them. That’s what I’ve become. Having all the scars of the wars I’ve fought with the world still standing still. Cherishing the glory of other flowers like family does.

I don’t see someone as my competitor, we ain’t in the prior world. When the king’s had grudges with one another. Maybe that time it was crucial for the crown holders to clash, but now it’s different.

Now we need supporters. Believers who believe in one another, without conflicts. As the moon has faith that the sun will shine behind him when the night comes. We need everyone to be the sun. Shining as he is the one being admired by the poets as if he is the one being cherished for his elegance.

I know it’s hard for the moon to survive without his light. Survival can be beautiful as my sun shines behind the moon every twilight.

Am I making things unusually delightful and sweet? Maybe because there is no scar in my world which I actually scorn. These dents are more of a diamond while getting the grind. All the scrapes you see are beautifully done.

After they touched me with their cold-blooded hand, that misery is still within me. But I ain’t willing to punish them for that. That is who I am. Apart from my flawed body, I’m a genuine soul who wants everyone to live their life with all the things they ever wished for.

I’m a forgiver and a survivor who knows survival can be beautiful too.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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