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Black magic

When your purpose is greedy,

With all the supernatural energies

You try to possess souls.

Seeing your intentions I’m out of hopes,

Maybe you are sinned on your own.

All the wrongs you’ve committed with you hands,

Will come to right behind your back.

Maybe my words for you won’t be kind.

As thinking about your chore, I’m out of my mind.

When you idolize satan awful powers,

You become vicious on your own.

Those evil thoughts are plentiful

To be ruined by God.

When the nights come in,

You use your enchantment,

On the other hand, you get whacked by godhead.

Is it good to idolise the culpable people,

The scepticism of opinions.

They aren’t worthy enough,

Guilty self would be buried

With the woods in the twilight.

Showing the true self of the demon,

Sensing the blood is disastrous.

There is immorality in every action of yours,

Maybe black magic is what you’ve learnt for false.

Remaking yourself would make your survival,

In the world where all you do ,unacceptable.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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