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Crushed to death

The people who abuse animals should be crushed to death. I finally have words to speak for humanity like that. Having no compassion for the animals. You don’t owe anything to them, but compassion. They, who doesn’t care if you are like them or not. Having so much faith in you even when you aren’t even 50% of what they are.

So today’s blog isn’t about somebody who’s close to me or things that make me feel satisfactory but it’s about creatures who’ve shown me that humanity is missing in humans. This may sound inappropriate to you when I say things against civilization but trust me it’s reality.

A few months ago I read on a social media site about how a man threw a bomb hidden inside a pineapple, to an elephant who was pregnant. While trying to eat that pineapple the bomb exploded and then the elephant died.

I was amazed and horrified. What did happen to us humans? Why the hell are we harming other creatures of the earth? Why their misery is our satisfaction?

A drop of tear fell down of my eyes, as felt guilty about being a human. Those eyes were still watching us from above, maybe they forgave us at the same time they lost their life.

A few days back I read a post which was about a woman slaying a dog. And then today I saw a post in which a girl wearing 5inches heeled shoes was playing with a pup and suddenly she crushed him. Believe me when I saw that I wasn’t able to digest the fact that a woman is doing that to a baby. Even when it wasn’t a human tot, but it was a baby.

As I always assumed that women are so much more sensitive than men that they can’t even think about hurting a creature. But maybe I was wrong. She was drunk, playing with that pooch that she murdered him and after her sin, she was holding her head high.

A question arises on my mind every now and then, that are we even worthy to be humans? Having the privilege of all kind, we aren’t even helping the other creature. We are just ruining their lives. It’s awful.

How they just want love and kindness from us, and we are so brutal towards them.A man who eats chicken told me how much heartbroken he was when he heard about a dog getting assassinated. Applaud.

A woman who feeds a cow every day, provides her food in a plastic bag. Not that she has no idea about how harmful a plastic bag is. The irony is people walking in the passage seeing her feeding weren’t even concern about it. Being educated and having a decent mind that is trained to live a good life thinks that a hungry animal wouldn’t eat the plastic. I know she wasn’t doing it purposely, but that’s is dangerous. You can commit a mistake like that daily.

Having awareness about animals is a good thing, I suppose. Cause you can have that understanding and they can’t.

Animals are creatures like us, having the privilege of talking and doing this that they can’t don’t make us the stronger ones, but kind to them.

-Riya Shah

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