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Concealing scrapes

He smiled at me seeing how I’m crazier and sweet, so he proposed to me. That time I wasn’t PMS-ing. So I said, “Boy I’ll see how things will be, as I’m concerned about ending a relationship after dating”.He smirked glimpsing at my dark side of disbelief in connections. Looking at my heart breaks and all my unfulfilled desires he asked me about my past.

Why I smile looking at the sunset and don’t wake up in the dawn. Why my longs sleeves, wrapped body have so many secrets, why am I covered with clouds? But I want able to utter a single word to his concerns, I was lacking letters that I shout. I stared his eyes, tears went out of me, and he was filled with doubts.My legs shivered like a baby who had never learned walking on the ground. Showing him my ugly naked side, where I’m unlovable was never going to happen. Concealing scrapes makes me guiltier, I asked myself showing him would encourage me to cope or I’ll lose my hope?

I was shattered as my past came to me with many thoughts, with the things that I should ignore as it was the tragic beginning of sorrows. He looked at me with all suspicions and patience and all I said was “Yes, I’m ruined”.

With all the intemperance and all that I’ve been going through. My eyes that you are looking at, telling me that they are all beautiful and intemperate won’t be delightful when you look barely at them. I asked him to take the spectacle of the love of for a second. With your bare eyes, you’ll see a disastrous human being.

You’ll see why these hands are kept all covered and confidential. And I bet you’ll abandon me the very next minute. After my secrecy will be uncovered.He grinned at how I play with words with him, how I keep withholding myself under the lines entangled with different musings. He knew that my words had emotions, and didn’t attempt once to play with them. He listened to every word I said like he was penning it down in his diary. Dairy which he writes in the twilight to hide. After one hour of uttering my sufferings, I asked him, do you wanna say something too?

All he said was “No, listening you is fun, maybe we could hang out, often.”I knew he was in love too.-Riya Shah

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