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Bird with diamond wings

A bird was flying in the sky, with wings that were gods souvenir to him. Those wings were no ordinary wings but like a diamond put together in a leaf. So beautifully composed that it was like an illusion. An art that was created with nothing but purity. All the other birds were so jealous of his wings that they attempted to chop them off.No other bird ever tried to even come near to be friends with him. Thinking of his magnificence they would adore him flying. His head was so high, that he used to fly unaccompanied.But beauty comes with a cost. As the bird started growing the jewels started to become heavier, and his wings than became just a heavy piece of cloth that was of no use.When all the birds were creeping and fleeing from one tree to another. He uses to stare them, sitting at a terrace of some human. He was so lonely and depressed. He can’t roam around and couldn’t find food for himself. Thinking that hunger would kill him, he cried out why did you do that to me, God?After a couple of days, a jeweller saw that a beautiful winged bird was sitting at his terrace. Taking his spectacles and lens he went towards the bird. He was amused looking at it, as it was like somebody had put down that godsend blessing in his terrace. He thought of selling that bird.He fed him and bought a canopy for him. After a few days, he saw that the bird wasn’t there. He thought it flew missing. The cried as it was his only hope of fortune.After some time he found out that his rich brother stole it from his terrace. He was amused thinking that his brother didn’t saw the bird, so how come he knew that it was there.Going to his brother house, he yelled at him. Why did you steal when you have so much? Where is it now? His brother grinned looking at how his miserable temperament changed, just after losing that bird. So he told him, that he sold the bird.He was so angry at his brother that he lost all his calm and demanded all his money. So his brother gave him 2coins that were made with all precious stones. After he went back. His brother asked his workers to bury that bird.The bird died the very next day as the old jeweller forget to feed him food. And his brother saw the bird in his canopy died. So he took it to his place thinking that his brother would lose hope.The jeweller was just like that bird. All covered in jewels once. But all his obsession that he had, went in vain. His wealth was looted and just like that bird, he was all alone. He never became friends with anybody and got separated with his brother cause of his wealth and pride.But his brother always knew he was family and family should be helped and held. Even when they breathe jealously, and are greedy.When life blesses you, before taking it to your head be grateful.-Riya Shah( Bird who don’t possess diamond wings but is flying as if she owns them)

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