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My cupid

What if you fell for the cupid?For the first time in our 17years of friendship when I saw her in that gorgeous white dress, I didn’t saw her as my best friend. Her hairs were like golden rays of the daylight, felling just on her shoulder. As she came near me I was awestruck.After a while, I looked at her feet she was wearing her converse black shoes. So I questioned, why do you wear them every time? Go take them off and wear some heels which match your dress. She screamed at me-“I can’t wear heels, I’ll trip in every second step”.So go and wear some jeans or a t-shirt, look like a tomboy that you are. For once I thought you could catch a date for yourself, and then we could go on a double day. Nonetheless looking at your shoes you’ll surely find a cognitive guy for yourself.Haha! You are so funny baby, go get a life. She replied. Just because of you I’m coming to that stupid party of yours, and now you want me to change my clothes.Okay, sweetie calm down. You look gorgeous. Just like a peacock. Thank you for the compliment, I thought I’ll never be in that gorgeous list of yours.Yeah, you thought right. Peacock feet are the ugliest feet. Haven’t you read that, you bookworm? Okay, you go alone. I’m not coming with a brat like you “she yelled at me”.Sorry, my love. I can’t withstand my girlfriend for a second. Even when she is your friend, why isn’t she like you my cupid? She’ll be all drunk and dancing. I don’t even know how to dance. Please come! Maybe we can dance together. So that everybody will be busy looking at your terrible dance, you’ll be the centre of attention.Wow, you think about me so much. Can we go now? Your awful girlfriend is asking me where are we. Should I tell her that you are talking about how irritating she is?Then we both sat on my bike and headed toward the party. My girlfriend was sitting at the counter, wearing a red revealing dress which was showing all her cleavage and her thigh area that was so much hot that every other guy was staring at her. But I didn’t mind that. Maybe, I wasn’t in love but attraction. Naina, I shouted.Sushant why are you so unpunctual? I was waiting for you alone at this bar counter from like 1hour. What took you so long?After howling at me, She eyed at Nandini.Nandini for you, for me she is my Nanhi. As I’ve known her from the time she was actually Nanhi(small).Wow, Nandini you look stunning. How come you wear a dress like this. I’ve never seen you like this. All glammed up and ready to slay. That’s why my “Shush” was late. He would be engaged looking at you.That’s not your fault, Shushant. I won’t blame you for this unpunctual behaviour of yours.I glanced at Nanhi, She was blushing like a tomato. As nobody had ever told her about how pretty she is. Maybe, they were blind. Maybe, I was one of them before.So to assure that there is nothing between me and Nanhi, I confided Naina that Nandini is my bro. I can’t even think about anything like that. Yeah, she looks adorable today. But when I see her, I see my mom. I admire her and nobody could ever take that feeling away from me and not even this hot white dress in which she is looking deadly.I winked while looking at Nandini.Yeah baby, I know. I was just annoying you. I know you’ll never leave me alone. Let’s dance.You know right, I’m horrible at dancing. You go and enjoy with your friends.Haha! Yeah, I don’t wanna be embarrassed like the previous year. Maybe, I should dance alone. Nandini, enjoy the party. She said while heading to the dancing floor.I so wanted her to go, I mumbled. Looking at Nanhi’s face I couldn’t control my smile and said am I not the kinda guy you would actually date?What? Are you out of your sense?Haha! I was just testing you. Who wouldn’t wish for a guy like me? “I uttered”.“I don’t”, she blurted. I want a guy who doesn’t feel ashamed of what I wear and would love my Peacock shoes. Are you still irked by what I said to you? I’m sorry, Nanhu. I was just mocking you. Maybe because I’ve never seen this side of yours, like what Naina said. From the time when we were 4, I’ve seen my Nanhu covered in mud like a boy, you are a rebel. And suddenly you’ve become this beautiful adorable doll, that was always overlooked. This beauty was always unnoticed by everyone. “Awe, thank you Shishimanu ”. She grabbed my cheeks with her hands, pulling them towards herself. Now could you just leave me? My girlfriend is Lil jealous of you. As now you are this gorgeous woman who is in the top of my priority. Haha! She better be. You are my best friend and she’ll never get this my admiration from you.Suddenly I saw Naina flirting with our senior on the dance floor. Holding his hands, grabbing his body and looking at his blue eyes. I suddenly got intimidated by that guy. So I went to the dance floor and grabbed her hand tightly and brought her to the entrance. What are you trying to do? Are you out of your mind? You mistreated me in front of everybody else, “she cried out ”.Am I invisible to you, suddenly? Have you lost your serenity? What were you doing on the dance floor, I questioned? Just dancing with our senior. What wrong with that. Don’t try to be so much dominating.Are you out of your mind? I’m not being dominating, baby. It’s just that I felt uncomfortable when you were dancing with that uncle. Yeah, like I was. When you were flirting with your nasty pal.How dare you even say a word about Nandini. Let’s just finish it up. Okay, fine. If that’s what you want.Naina left from the party, and I started drinking up.Nandini looked at me, without uttering a word. Let’s just go home, Nanhu. I don’t wanna stay here. It’s exhausting for me. Okay, you just sit here I’ll bring a cab.She left, making me sit on the sofa and after a while, we went home. I was vomiting and crying like a baby and all she did was to sit next to me in the washroom. Letting me cry my emotions out. She didn’t speak up anything until I ask her to.Nandu, can I sleep in your arms? Yes! Sure. I’ll bring you a quilt or something to cover. I’ll be right back.Suddenly my phone rang, it was Naina. I didn’t receive her call. So she texted “Baby, I’m sorry. Will you pick me up at Shirnar Gate, Near mall Road”.She was stuck there. I replied, “I’ll come, wait”.So I left without telling Nanhi about it.After I reached the destination, I saw a group of guys running towards me.“Yes, this is the guy. Beat the shit out of him today”.They started whacking me. Suddenly I saw a girl beating those guys with a hockey stick in a white dress.After a couple of seconds, I heard the voice of a police car and went blank.The next day I was in her powerful arms, sleeping right next to her. She was looking as gorgeous as she looked in that white dress, maybe even prettier than that.And that day seeing my Nanhu I felt like I was home. Knowingly, unknowingly, I fell for my cupid.-Riya Shah

By Ray


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