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Rose to Cactus ( A journey)

Day 1- They said to me that I was a flower, a flower, a flower.

Day 13-I thought being a flower is basically showing how lovely I look in their yard, knowing they wanted me to be there till my final breath. I somehow am okay being wanted by them.

Day15- They are taking care of me like their infant. I am their first priority. My petals are growing beautifully. See I’m flaunting them to everybody coming home. Those pink beauties I possess are incredibly graceful. Everybody in the house knows how I am keeping their dwelling so fancy, fresh and alive. As that is my commitment I could show them for life.

Day 20-Every day I am growing wonderfully, and everybody is admiring my elegance.

Day 30- They aren’t looking after me. Leaving me with a feeling of nothingness. Days after days I am left with nothing but thorns and buds of mine. In a garden full of outstanding blossoms I am becoming a thing of misery.

Day 32-They are taking me out without bothering once, I’m murdered by the people who put me in their garden willingly.

Day 33- I’m dead

I recall everything they did when I was a little seed. How they thought that putting flowers and watering them was in the list of good deeds. So what made them slay a beauty like me?

I went back to my Creator, who made me think that being a beauty barely mean about looking. Then he made me a desert plant, putting thorns that I didn’t saw in my prior life.

I questioned him about my new start. Why did you make me a plant that has nothing but thorns wrapped into it? Was it my fault to be slaughtered?

He laughed at my silliness and told me- I gave you thorns to get safeguarded, still, you didn’t protect your beauty with it. Now I’m giving you so many thorns I want you to understand what is magnificence and where it belongs.

Wowee!! I came back to earth. In a wasteland that isn’t good enough. But I am a cactus adapted to hot, so why should I bother.

Day 1-It’s a bright sunny day. Some man is taking me to a store and I’m losing all my hopes. As I don’t wanna live the life of a bud again, as I don’t wanna grow. In a garden filled with loveliness and grace, I’ll be a scar of sorrow. Why did he choose me, when he had so many alternatives?

Day 12-I am getting ignored by the customers. Maybe, I’ll live a life in the store till I die. Happy me couldn’t deny, that I never want to go back to somebody’s home.

Day16- A girl took me home today. I am in her window inside an elegant pot. I am again a piece of a show-off. She knows I ain’t a plant to be fed with love, but she is sitting near me talking about her lover.

Day 21- Sheena took me out today, in her bag. She is my possessor by the way. A pretty girl, with a beautiful soul. She takes me where she goes.

Day 25- Rohit came home today. He is Sheena’s soulmate she says. He saw me and asked her, where she bought me from. She laughed at his question and answered: “I adopted her from a plant shop”.

I cried as I found a human being in this dreadful world.

Day 30- She watered me 10times today, maybe that’s how much love she carries for me. I am overwhelmed with that passion and her caring personality.

Day 35- I’m dead. Sheena is devastated. I don’t know how to abandon her she cried harshly.

I am back in heaven, in my deity lap I’m whining. God: Don’t cry my love, she was just being kind. Do you want me to punish her? do you want her crying?

No, not even once should she be punished for being a kind soul. Not once her eyes should get fuller by the water she fed me with her love.

Yeah, I didn’t die naturally. And love for her didn’t die either. She kept me like her baby, I was blessed with her admiration.

The one who protects us from the misery will never think about being cruel, and the one who wants us in their life will show how pure and simple is it be there for us.

I wanna be a cactus again, I want a life with thorns to protect her from everything she faces in life. I wanna be a plant residing in her window, with whom she would share her world.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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