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Laadli (beloved)

Have you ever heard this word? This is a Hindi word which actually refers to a girl who’s been pampered and admired by every member of her family. Special isn’t it?

We Hindustanis (Indians) have a word in our wordbook which have something to do with loving a girl. We girls of India are encircled by “parathas” that are not even related to us. But that doesn’t mean in this era of we aren’t getting the love we deserve.

Laadli: when I say this word I recall all the memories of me and my father. A person who never spent a penny on useless things, and never went to fairs. He used to buy a pellet drum just to make me dance. I am his “Laadli”. I think of my grandfather, who always picked me up just to lend me a kiss on my cheeks, he never bothered about his broken legs.

No worries, I have lived in this house which has a comfortable blanket of love and mirror that shows me how blessed I am here. I’m a pahadan ( a girl who stays in the mountains). My family is a typical Hindu family. Where a girl is the Lakshmi of the house. Freedom was given to me from the time I started walking.

The hallways in my city always lead me to a beautiful place called my friends home. That is my second dwelling. I am a “Laadli” here too. She isn’t my friend but my sister who’s been there in my thick and my thins. The way she quarrels with humans who don’t like me is beautiful. She makes sure I’m welcomed in every place, she’s welcomed in. I’m her “ladli” too.

With utmost love which I have for the people, I think that all the negativity is within the people but not the country. In the first paragraph where I wrote about how I’m stunned that India has a word like “Laadli” in its dictionary. But trust me I ain’t shocked. When I say India I reckon how in every place we worship goddesses without eating for 9days. A Goddess who has all the components we have within is adored and valued here. I being a girl of India is blessed to be born here. Yeah, the crime rate is still high but that doesn’t mean we are not getting any importance in our families. And if you do not get that “laad” love it’s your family, not the whole society.

India is a great place to live, and I want me to be known as Indian for the rest of my life. It’s a blessing.

I think we shouldn’t say that we aren’t a “laadi”. Because the way they treat us Is their “laad” love. Our country is giving us “laad”, and we owe so much to it.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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