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1-God is bestowing you everything that you deserve so open your doors

You will surely have everything that you ever desired for. All you have to do is accept everything. Acceptance is a crucial part of the law of attraction. Let me give an example: You all have somewhere heard or read a special fairytale named “Cinderella”. Do you remember how that king searched all over the town for that beauty holding that glass shoe? Think of yourself as that girl. You want that love, you are wishing for it. All you have to accept that he is in love with you and you are the girl who owns that glass shoe.

Accept the fact that you are attracting everything you ever yearned for and you will get it now or after some time. All you need is to accept the fact that you will. Maybe, I’m not making enough sense to you, to do something like that. Maybe, you have lost all hopes of accomplishment. I get it.

When I first started attracting my desires, I closed my doors. Everything in my life was so terrible that I never thought that after 1year I would reach the point where I no longer care about anything. That I would be grateful for the things I’m attracting and will open my doors for it. Now I no longer barricade my blessings. I believe what I’m getting is what I deserve. All the souvenirs are mine to be kept and I’ll never shut my doors for them. All the opportunities and all the hard work will be paid off maybe sooner or later, but they undoubtedly will.

That should be the “mantra” of your life. And you will surely get whatever you urge for.

What changed my life?

Talking about the experience, heartbreaks and everything that a teenager could felt, I’ve suffered it all. In my teens, I’ve been broken, shattered, devastated and everything that sounds miserable. The only thing that I did right was faced it all without actual harm. I stood up every time. For myself, for my family and everyone to whom I owe my life to. I accepted the fact that life is hard but after the disasters, contentment follows.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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