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Research says that the word gold digger don’t have anything to do with the gender. Women who are in love have desires too. Let’s just talk about what women really want.

Women who are genuine and honest needs men who aren’t really workaholic but who priorities every work equally. Beside his circumstances and his moods love her every time.

As a woman, despite her bad say’s love him and respect him as usual. Now, you’ll say man do that too. Yeah, they do. But here I’m talking about what women want. Her urges.

Does it take all of him to keep his woman happy and satisfied?

No, it doesn’t. When I talk about what women want. The first thing that strikes in my mind is respect. When somebody treats us like their equal we feel respected, not when someone makes us their God of course.

We like admiration and appreciation when we do something that is worth it.
When you ask me about what women want and what a gold digger doesn’t is love. Women who can afford luxury in their life are the women who don’t need you to pay for it. Nothing can ever be valued to your love and attention. This doesn’t mean that money is nothing in a genuine woman life, it’s just that we give importance to relationship a bit more.

Urges are essential feelings which women try to suppress, but can’t.

Let them not be guilty about what they want. The things I talked about above are minimal things that a wise man would follow for his women. It’s a way man should express his love.
Asking for love and care isn’t worth asking for.
Every man should understand that women don’t like speaking about what they want from them. But when they do they actually are hoping that you’ll fulfil her desires with questioning them.
A loyal woman won’t ever do wrong to the human they love. Be it any man or a woman. They are like a mirror which reflect what you show to them.
Even in this blog, I can’t even talk about things that my beautiful women want cause I can’t express them. They are that deep and soulful.

If my ladies are reading this – hope your urges fulfil without being questioned. And for every man, I would say every woman isn’t a gold digger. And the term it isn’t related to gender.
-Riya Shah

By Ray


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