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Loving and worshipping friendships are the hardest, as friendship means more than those bands you place on each other hands like a pendent having all the loyalty they call is forever. I believe in forever promises, so I’ll say they might be for real. Like that relation which Ron and Harry had was forever. I want friendship in which I could not just grow, but blossom.

Like those sunflowers, every time blossoming. That yellow could I see is a colour of love. The love which I carry for my friend, who once lived in my neighbourhood and then went somewhere. Leaving that friendship kept in a bowl of chits named after the colours which we had to pick, to get the task of life. I don’t know where life took him. It’s been 12years since we had played hide and seek, or maybe he is hidden in my happy history.

I was left with no faith when he left me. He was the only one I could tell “me”. I use to tell him how my barbie was undressed by my dog the other day I bought it and how I like my milk to be all chocolaty. That was my pure bliss of uncertainty as he left me with nothing but no trust. I thought I possess him, I could take him where I go. Maybe, some childhood beliefs are unworthy and innocent.

Months, years and now I’m here. With all his friendship bands on my wrist and tears flowing down my eyes window. I see that house in my colony every day. There are new neighbours who comfort me whenever I go. But all I remember is his cycle in that room. He uses to ride it with me. I was his pal for life. Maybe, his parent’s separation made us separated too.

Now I try to become friends with everyone I meet. Those childhood memories are making me do all of this, indeed. But all I search is him in you, all I want you to be that guy who used to live in my neighbourhood. Maybe, someday I’ll meet him and all I’ll say is would you mind being my consistent for life? Can we sit and the window sides?

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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