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Pray and Affirm

Affirmation means to assert or declare that you’ll be or have something you always wanted to, from life. I never believed in so much of divinely things when i was young. Temple was the last place I visited. Every home has a place where God prevails. For me, that place was a corner where I could get ladoos(sweets), without sharing cause almighty doesn’t eat. Yeah, so all my childhood I never believed that God exists.

My mom used to mock me, so I started pretending that I pray. Having no surety that something supernatural would happen to her, she used to take a plate and visited every temple near our dwelling. Then when I realized that it’s so beautiful to see my momma draped in a saree, with a pretty bindi on her head and a gave on her prayer plate. Goddess!

I started having faith in my mom’s devotion. I admired her when she uses to go to the temples. Beautifully dressed. Like a woman at her wedding. Having so much faith in a power that doesn’t even exist made me realise that having faith is actually very crucial. It’s a way of living.

Later I started to go with her. I started praying at night for all my loved ones who I wanted in my life. They were like my Diya, so crucial in my prayer plate. I muttered every name, like a chant that I wanted to be remembered by the almighty. So that he could note it down and always bless them with good health and prosperity. It changed my life. The way I started thinking about people was different. I began to prioritize human. My family, my friends were always at my preference list. Later, that list began to get larger and larger. My prayer became 1hour long.

Every day I was grateful for the things God gave me. The girl who never believed in God was now a devote who knew he’ll fix everything she wants. Then one fine day, I read a novel about affirmations. I wasn’t sure if something like that existed, so without reading the whole book, I kept it somewhere. Later that day with my prayers I added up by saying that I want a good relationship with my parents and family members. I kept repeating this for some while. The next week, it was like those affirmations became true. I always ended up fighting with everybody, but everything that day went so beautifully that I was shocked.

I started to believe in affirmations and my subconscious mind turned on my blessings. It was like magic. One week I say something 10times a day, the next week it started happening. It was like when I dreamt something it occurred. Divinity power was surrounding me every time and that was so pure that it was like rapping around my house and everything was real after a while.

That’s how affirmations and prayers are.

You won’t get anything if you don’t believe in him. He isn’t around us, nor is he in places you try to find. He is within us, and everyone who comes in your mind.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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