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Those stars glanced at me,

Like I did, when I didn’t have someone to be with.

I wasn’t lonely or depressed, honestly.

I just wanted somebody in the twilight,

Asking me for my scrutiny.

I wasn’t insane like those you see in reality.

I like my aura clean and precise,

Till I meet that benevolent entity .

I looked at everything that dusk amassed to show me

All the recession,unconventional truths ,

All the emotions with a pen I put.

Musings that I made them sing,

They were made with my sufferings.

I wasn’t lonely but blindly in love,

Maybe, I was curious for what the moon does.

Nosy about the chemistry,

I was so intrigued by my fictional beings.

But now that I have you with me,

I could sense stars waking up for me .

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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