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Out of my window, I saw a parrot

Mimicking all the words you said to me.

He mumbled and mumbled,

Until it was mid-night.

I guessed it was my illusion,

As I was bounded in my fictional world.

So I forwent for my slumber,

Reckoning about it was getting me warmer.

I went to grab my cosy quilt,

Trying to vacate to my fiction realm.

I knew I awkwardly sinned.

Why would you ever come back to me?

Thinking that I fell benumbed.

The next morning I heard things likewise,

I pushed my curtains to have a glimpse at my window.

Seeing that creature made me lose my mind,

I imagined if you were alive.

He dwelled in my house the whole day,

I named him after you,

to me the whole day as he recited something

to me the entire day, as you did.

When we weren’t apart, but together a whole being.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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