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You appear and leave like in a blink,

My eyes replenished with tears as I admit.

I need you like that glass in my garden,

You make my vigour greener after every downpour.

Your mysterious laughs, you thundering warmth,

I wanna suffer you, eradicate storm.

As I’m the blaze, the uncovered maze,

And above all your gloaming ways.

I show when I wanted you to see,

What I’ve got, what I can be

When you transpired to me.

I became the Lucifer of your vitality.

The devil you always admired your life,

I came to be your delusion you strived .

scrape me with your claws,

you were bestowed fruit that you entrusted, everytime.

Nation do get what they deserve,

Sometimes they try fetching more than they’ve earned.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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