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Hangover in mind

Why does every story have to start with once upon a time? Well, my story started with him. Oh! He wasn’t a guy, he was a hangover in my mind. I was so drunk when I saw him, I fell down a cliff in a second. He wasn’t having my minds regime, but he was one of a kind. Like a rainbow having different shades, he was a canvas painted by the stains. Stains that were beautiful and unique in their way.

He had a beer drunkard eyes, Heart that was getting purified with gulps of firewater. Those dreams he held in his eyes were unconventional like his temperament. I saw his hands reaching towards another glass, filled with booze in it. Hands that held his glass like it was a commitment made.

As that body didn’t want to stop harming itself. He sipped all of it as there was some remedy in it. I was so much intrigued by the way he was behaving at the bar. Like a king, who gave up his throne in a war. He was so mysterious that I didn’t know what to do feeling what he has buried inside him.

I thought I should go near to ask him about his dismay, so I went towards him. I heard a voice, I was suddenly in a senseless state and then I understood the guy I met at the bar was nobody but me. I got hangover in my mind that evening.

-Riya Shah

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