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They say we go to hell and heaven,

I don’t understand the concept.

I’ve heard somewhere it’s all in our head.

Deep down I think doing good deeds,

End up doing the unpleasant one’s.

I ain’t a princess who’s craving to visit the wonderland.

God created two places, for the evil and the goods,

I sit and try to be nicer in my own slashed woods.

My mom says there is a big container,

Filled with warm oil, above.

If you do some disastrous things,

The deity will punish you there.

I wanna know-how afterlife feels like,

Is there something like paradise?

Does the soul have no demise?

Hallucinations that makes me helpless,

I wanna know what happens next.

After the body is burnt and buried,

When our essence is laid to rest.

Does the sky looks the same above,

Or its a mix of pink and purple.

Is life easy there or like full of hurdles?

I read somewhere, that it feels like bliss,

In heaven, there is a life of God.

This makes me more vulnerable,

To how being there would feel like,

So I probe, everywhere like a patron.

About the things that they acquire.

I serve good whenever I can,

Sometimes I do dreadful too.

I’m a rose with the allure and elegance,

However, I own thorns too.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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