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I met a guy, I wondered what hit my eyes and I’m now concerned.

He was wearing a hood, it 80 hours

That I was stuck in my thoughts.

He held my hand we were sixteen.

It was a perfect night, we were lonely in the light,

And we didn’t realized so,

That love would take us this far that we won’t understand.

I was divulging the heat within us,

I was so in love with you,

That it made me look like a clown,

You prevailed all over me.

And those bats they are evil and dead,

So this relation why you making an inferno, unwell.

I’m drunken by the thoughts you make me think , all by myself.

I’m critical ,unpardonable.

So let the winds blow in different paths,

I’m stuck here, with you and there nothing I could do .

Just be with you, die with and live with you.

My fantasies and all my snowy dreams,

Are not with you, but I wanna be,

Herewith you, just with you, yes I do.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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