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Suddenly I’ve become this masterpiece who cares about everything people say. Even when they aren’t yelling at me, I get affected and being affected sucks. Sorry for saying this word but it drives me nuts when I say that it does. When they try conflicting with me as I am the most unloved person, who’s as selfish as Tom was in Tom and Jerry.

And I’m like that old lady in that show who was so ungrateful that she never cared to show her face even on public demand. What they actually don’t realize is that I’m Jerry. A small little mouse always figuring out, how to survive in my own house. As it’s all filled with discomfort and trouble. So small that they smash me while walking.

Shunned and mysterious about everything in life. Yes, they are mean to me. Like that mother in the princess movie. Pulling all my emotions out and playing football with it. I’m that pizza leftover they throw it the dustbin even when they knew it costs them enough they can buy a whole muffin. Even when they smack me, I feel nothing. And that the most disturbing thing I’ve said since the morning.

Oh, my lord, save me. These creatures are eccentric. I wanna go, I wanna be. But they are living on my mind full of thoughts they said are interim in it.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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